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ERP Implementation

FGS provides skilled and experienced functional and technical professionals in financial management, human resources, supply chain and customer relationship management. The key implementation services offered include:

Project Management to help establish a clear project definition, set objective and realistic plans and build the team to properly deliver the benefits expected.

Business services to conduct fit analysis, prototype design, business process improvement, configuration support and training.

Technical services to cover customization, data conversion, interface development, web and portal design and development, database administration and e-business infrastructure and assessment.

Transition management to provide a smooth transfer of the new system from the project team to the user and support community.

FGS has the skill and experience to support you as you initiate your implementation journey.


Our Application Software Focus:

PeopleSoft (Enterprise) ™

  • PeopleSoft is the world’s leading provider of application software for the real-time enterprise. They offer a suite of best-in-class applications built on their Pure Internet Architecture and designed for the most complex business requirements. FGS focuses on PeopleSoft's applications of Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

Deltek Costpoint™

  • Deltek Costpoint is the industry-leading financial management and project accounting software designed specifically to meet the business needs of sophisticated project-driven organizations. Costpoint’s complete suite of business applications can help you to automate and streamline project-oriented business processes so you can more effectively track, manage and report on critical aspects of your business and meet today’s strict compliance and auditing requirements.

SAP Business Suite™

  • SAP Business Suite is modular enterprise software that supports end-to-end industry processes. This means your company can effectively coordinate business and IT strategies at the same time. Comprehensive business process support, with industry level specificity, helps your company execute strategies that save operational costs or stimulate productivity, without the complexity of managing multiple technology platforms.

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