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Contract Advisory & Assistance Services (CA&A)

Focus Group Solutions, Inc. (FGS) offers support, advice, and solutions to small and medium government contractor organizations during the acquisition and administration of contracts. FGS has partnered with seasoned professionals with years of experience to provide growing businesses with the services needed to successfully manage government contracts. Our background in both commercial and government contracting has given us unique expertise, allowing us to offer organizations solutions for every contractual situation.

Our services include:

  • Contract/Policy Preparation: FGS is qualified to prepare both contract documents for singular situations and a standard contract document for general use regarding a clientís products or services.
  • Negotiation Assistance and Advice:
  • Stand-by Assistance: In the circumstance that your organization does not have an immediate issue, but rather needs support on an occasional basis, FGS is prepared to provide stand-by assistance. Our background allows FGS to advise and assist in any part of the contract process, including but not limited to
    • interviewing applicants for contract positions
    • clarifying difficult contract clauses
    • and evaluating contractual needs and offering solutions and advice

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